JPK Weekend 2017

Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr (DD-850) Division

United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps

JPK WEEKEND 2017: Operation Red Neptune




Joseph P. Kennedy Jr [DD-850] Division is happy to announce JPK Weekend 2017: Operation Red Neptune. This year’s training will test cadet’s leadership abilities in a fast-paced environment with multiple operations working simultaneously. This training is available and suggested for mature NLCC and NSCC cadets. Commanding Officers, it is suggested to have cadets who have not attended this training take precedence over those who have.


The dates for this training will be the 13th, 14th, and 15th of October. The price of this training is $80 dollars per cadet. Like past years we have obtained 60 male cadet billets, 12 female cadet billets, 12 male officer billets and 4 female officer billets.


Check-in will begin promptly at 1645 until 1830. Late arrivals for Friday evening shall notify the COTC in advance. A snack will be served post check-in so HAVE CADETS FED DINNER PRIOR TO THEIR ARRIVAL. Accommodations can be made as necessary with prior approval from the COTC.


Each unit will be given 5 billets with additional billets filled first come, first served after notification from the COTC. Billets will only be confirmed when hard copy's received of the below documents:


- NSCTNG 003 – Locally Arranged Training Authority with proper endorsements from parent/guardian and Unit Commanding Officer

- $80.00 bank check or money order made out to Joseph P. Kennedy Jr Division.

- Copy of health insurance card

- Report of medical history, pages 3 and 4 updated and endorsed within the last thirty days by parent/guardian

- NSCADM001 pages 7 and 8 for cadets taking over the counter and/or prescription medications. Basic medications will be on hand at the discretion of the medical officer.

- Food allergies shall be emailed to the COTC prior to the training to make accommodations.


The above-completed packets shall be mailed to:


LTJG Allen R. Hover, NSCC

77 Browns Lane

East Bridgewater, Ma 02333




All Documents are posted below.




LTJG Allen R. Hover, NSCC

Commanding Officer

Joseph P. Kennedy Jr Division









003 004 Seabag List